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Social Enterprise Academy Certification

2022.02.07. - 2022.02.08.

Republic of Korea, Online Meeting

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We conduct a program to explore social problems that can be solved by social venture models and to discover social business models through solutions by experiencing the UK Social Enterprise Academy program, which is a global level, online-based, and understanding the local situation in Korea.

The goal is to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem experience and entrepreneurial education capabilities.

The following is a guide to the main programs.

Social Venture Exploration We increase understanding of the concept and management strategy of social ventures through major cases in the UK. In addition, we deeply explore the concept of social ventures in Korea and sustainable social ventures.

Understanding Social Ventures

We analyze the domestic social venture ecosystem and focus on understanding the functions and related capabilities of major support organizations to promote an overall understanding of social ventures.

Social Venture Practice
We learn about business success factors and securing strategies for related factors through successful domestic and overseas social venture cases, and reflect them in entrepreneurial education. We build a sustainable social venture business model by combining realistic social problem solving and entrepreneurship.

We are committed to contributing to the enhancement of the capabilities of social entrepreneurs and achieving sustainable social change. Based on global corporate cases and Korea’s social problems, we aim to provide programs that help create a sustainable society by discovering creative and realistic solutions.

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