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KICKSTART ASIA 2023_Transformative Innovation Startup Conference

2023.12.29. - 2023.12.29

Republic of Korea, Suwon-si

#Transformative Innovation #Student

Kickstart Asia 2023 is an innovation hub for startups and entrepreneurs based on transformative innovation. It brings together experts from Korea, the UK, and Israel to share the latest technology trends and review investment cases. Kickstart Asia has been working to create an ecosystem where startups and experts with good intentions collaborate with each other to solve problems based on transformative innovation for over 10 years.

Kickstart Asia 2023 aims to support transformative innovation that solves various natural and social problems in the post-pandemic era by young innovators from major universities in Korea. This workshop provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and experts with innovative ideas and technologies to come together, collaborate, solve problems based on good intentions, and create a sustainable future.

Kickstart Asia focuses on building a sustainable innovation ecosystem and supporting the growth and innovation of entrepreneurs. It helps startups that create social value through transformative innovation, which is becoming increasingly important worldwide, to strengthen their capabilities and grow into successful businesses.

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