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'University Startup World Cup' Global Meetup

2020.07. - 2020.10.

Europe, Denmark

#Global #USWC

The USWC (University Startup World Cup) is a global student startup competition that has been held annually since its first launch in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015, operated by Venture Cup, a Danish startup-related organization. It has a vision to create a network for students around the world to gain business inspiration, strengthen their ideas, and turn academic knowledge into a viable business.

Kickstart Asia is one of the Country Partners of USWC, discovering excellent university startups and connecting them to the global market.

The University Startup World Cup (USWC) Secretariat announced that Ajou University student startup ‘Genie Cup, Inc’ successfully pitched in the final round. Genie Cup is a startup that develops women’s menstrual cups and products using IoT technology and presents a vision for various healthcare applications.

The University Startup World Cup (USWC) is a startup competition centered on universities and research institutions held annually by Venture Cup, Europe’s leading accelerator network, based at prestigious universities in Denmark and other European countries. This competition is the world’s best program centered on the university and research institution startup ecosystem, where student startups from universities, faculty startups from universities, and startups supported by universities and research institutions attend to compete and exchange.

Kickstart, the country partner of Venture Cup (Venture Cup) hosting the University Startup World Cup (USWC), operates an official Korean office and oversees the receipt and support of entry teams from major universities and research institutions in Korea. Kickstart is one of Korea’s leading accelerators supporting university startup ecosystems and cooperates with major European accelerators such as Denmark and the UK.

Ajou University Genie Cup (Genie Cup, Inc) Representative Dae-yang Yang achieved the feat of passing the final round in the healthcare sector with close cooperation between Kickstart Investment (Representative Partner Hyun-kyu Park) and Ajou University Startup Education Center Director (Director Sung-joo Lee). In addition, Northwestern University in the United States and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom advanced to the main round, showing excellent levels of university startup ecosystems in each country with high competition rates such as Copenhagen University and Bologna University in Europe.

Hyun-kyu Park, Representative Partner of Kickstart Investment, which oversaw this year’s University Startup World Cup (USWC) project, said, “From the next competition, we will provide various pre-competency enhancement programs with Venture Cup (Venture Cup) to support more university startups to enter the world stage.”

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