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Kickstarter's Accelerating Program is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses quickly and create opportunities that captivate key stakeholders such as venture capitalists and accelerators based on the value of transformative innovation.

Transformative innovation is a concept that solves sustainable and transformative issues in our society, environment, governance structures, and is linked to an entrepreneurial spirit that solves many of our society's problems. Kickstarter offers core programs to support entrepreneurs pursuing transformative innovation.

Above all, Kickstarter's Accelerating Programs are designed to collaborate with prestigious institutions in Korea, the UK, and Israel to provide the most important functions in a company's activities such as business design, market research, market building, and value creation.

Entrepreneurs can quickly analyze the market and capture opportunities with the world's best venture capitalists, angel investors, accelerators, and experts in each field, maximizing the value of their business or innovation.

Acceleration Programme



Business planning involves identifying challenges and problems faced by startups, analyzing market trends and consumer insights to improve existing business models or discover new ones.

To improve existing business models, methods such as identifying customer needs and improving products or services according to those needs are used. This can strengthen the competitiveness of existing products or services and increase market share.

Discovering new business models is possible by creating new ideas or applying existing ideas from different perspectives. This can develop differentiated business models that can discover new markets or gain a competitive advantage in existing ones.

Through business planning, we identify market trends and consumer insights by startup industry, enabling us to respond immediately to changes and improve existing business models or discover new ones, increasing the likelihood of practical success.



Market search is a very important process that must be undertaken to enter a new market. During this process, the market is analyzed based on various information and analysis, such as market size, competitors, competitive advantage, customer needs, marketing channels, and funnel analysis. Through this, companies validate their market entry strategies and begin successful business operations through performance outcomes.

Market search is the initial verification phase necessary for companies to enter the market. During this process, various information is collected and analyzed, such as the size and characteristics of the existing market, the business models and competitive advantages of competitors, and the needs and behavioral patterns of customers. Through this, companies can establish market entry strategies and marketing strategies that can secure competitive advantages.

The key to market search is accurate information collection and analysis. To achieve this, companies utilize various information collection methods and tools. We support companies in accurately understanding the market environment and deriving insights about the market based on strategic and effective methods.

Through this, we support companies in achieving successful performance outcomes and starting stable business operations.



The market structure stage is an essential step for companies to achieve success. It involves identifying and understanding the market, establishing relationships with stakeholders, and securing necessary resources for successful business structure. To achieve this, it is crucial to establish relationships with various stakeholders and secure necessary resources.

The first step in market structure is identifying key stakeholders in the targeted market. These stakeholders include venture capitalists, customers, partners, and communities. Through these relationships, companies can secure necessary funding and infrastructure. It is also important to secure necessary resources. To do this, all available networks must be utilized to connect necessary resources.

To accomplish this, companies can utilize Meetup, Investor Relationship, Demo Day, and consulting with experts to secure necessary resources.



Value creation is one of the important processes for companies to continue sustainable business. It is a process of creating brand value and deriving marketing strategies based on internal and external goals considering social value.

To achieve this, various elements such as ESG(Environment, Social, Governance), TI(Transformative Innovation), SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals), SV(Social Venture), Reputation and Copywriting are considered, and quantitative analysis and design are performed.

Value creation is one of the essential processes for a company is sustainable growth. Companies need to plan their marketing strategies and enhance brand value by considering social value.

By considering various elements like ESG, TI, SDGs, SV, Reputation, Copywriting, etc., companies can build practical marketing channels and branding in online and offline channels. Through this, companies can create sustainable businesses and grow together with the market.


USWC 2023


The University Startup World Cup (USWC) is the world's largest university entrepreneurship competition organized by Venture Cup, Europe's top accelerator. This competition is the largest festival where members of the university entrepreneurship ecosystem, such as faculty and student entrepreneurs, and university incubators from prestigious universities around the world come together to exchange ideas and compete.

For the past 20 years, the University Startup World Cup has been held annually, touring each country. It has attracted the world's top university startup teams from universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Harvard, Stanford, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Imperial College, University College, King's College, Edinburgh, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, King's College, University of Michigan, Madrid University, Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Kickstart Asia is the official country partner for the University Startup World Cup and oversees the Korean qualifying rounds, sending top Korean universities to the world finals.

The Korean committee of the University Startup World Cup holds Korean qualifying rounds annually from March to May, with the finals taking place in one of the European countries in October. In particular, university startup teams that pass the Korean qualifying rounds are granted the authority by the Korean committee to enter the world stage.

The university entrepreneurship ecosystem is one of the most important areas of entrepreneurial spirit, and the University Startup World Cup is creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem between academia and industry with the world's top universities.

Kickstart Asia 2023

Kickstart conference logo
Kickstart Logo

KickstartAsia Conference is the world's first transformative innovation-focused startup conference organized by KickstartAsia, an ecosystem builder for entrepreneurial spirit. Since 2014, this conference has been supported by prestigious institutions in South Korea, such as the National Research Foundation of Korea, the Korea Research Foundation, the Ministry of Education, the Small and Medium Business Administration, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle Korea, and others. It has been instrumental in fostering a transformative innovation entrepreneurial ecosystem in renowned domestic universities.

Notably, the conference has contributed to the development of sustainable and transformative entrepreneurial spirit, with a particular focus on scholars and experts in transformative innovation from the UK and Europe. Additionally, it has provided an essential platform for university entrepreneurs to design and advance such innovative models.

KickstartAsia is built on the philosophy of providing an entrepreneurial ecosystem through its foundation, "Kickstart." It holds the KickstartAsia Conference annually, nurturing promising transformative innovation cases.

The organizing committee of the KickstartAsia Conference hosts the main event every December, featuring key programs such as pitching sessions, roundtables, and receptions.

Transcendental innovation has gained global recognition as one of the most critical areas of entrepreneurial spirit, and the KickstartAsia Conference strives to create and advance sustainable and transformative landscapes in collaboration with universities, institutions, and businesses that share these values.

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