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Space Information Startup Demo Day

2020.10.15. - 2020.10.16.

Republic of Korea, Seongnam-si

#Accelerating #DemoDay

We select startups that can successfully enter the market and have a high probability of attracting investment among space information-based startups and support them to make actual investments and connections in the market.

Here is an overview of the main programs:

1. Expert Mentoring

We provide mentoring by sector for business development, investment, and pitching based on investment business plans from current accelerators, venture capitalists, and pitch deck experts. Through this, startup teams can build their businesses more successfully and enhance their abilities and meeting skills necessary for investment attraction.

2. IR Pitching

We create a pitching program that focuses on inducing direct investment from major investors, forming relationships between accelerators and seed investments, and various forms of investment between startups. Through this, we provide useful connections and cooperation opportunities between startups, investors, and accelerators, and establish a foundation for continuous growth and business expansion for startups.

We aim to provide continuous support and cooperation for the growth and development of space information-based startups, contribute to the development of the industry by building successful business models, and strive for continuous development of the startup ecosystem through active program implementation for discovering excellent companies and conducting successful investments and connections.

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