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Global Mentoring Programme

2021.09.09. - 2021.10.31.

Republic of Korea, Online Meeting

#Global #Accelerating

We are conducting an enterprise capacity enhancement support program to increase global competitiveness and investment attraction for startup founders who hope to expand overseas and expand into the global market.

Here is an overview of the main programs:

1. Startup Trends

We analyze domestic and foreign startup trends to identify key issues at the current stage of business development and provide ways to devise business development strategies that match political, economic, social, and technological trends. You can more clearly set the necessary strategies and directions for competition in the global market.

2. Investment Trends

You can obtain direct information from local experts on global investment, expansion, and trends through online lectures conducted by global AC/VC. It also helps to confirm the pursuit of the global market in the medium to long term and increase the possibility of attracting investment.

3. Mentoring and Meetups

We conduct online mentoring for business model establishment and technology optimization. We also support increasing investment possibilities through meetups with domestic and foreign global accelerators and venture capitals such as Israel TechItForward, UK Consultant Solutions, Denmark Venture Cup.

At Kickstart Asia, we strive to help startup founders compete successfully in the global market and attract investment for growth. We want to contribute to achieving the success of startup founders by providing insights into the global market and practical support.

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