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Global Market Entry Support Programme

2020.01.18. - 2020.01.21.

UK, London

#Grobal #Social #Certification

We provide a program for startups to expand overseas. This program offers an opportunity to establish relationships and build sustainable business relationships through meetings with local companies and institutions centered around London. Here are the main contents of the program.

The main program contents are as follows.

1. Startup Infrastructure Survey

- Introduce the status of the UK’s local startup ecosystem and business environment.
- Provide information to establish a business plan for entering the London market.

2. Field Research

- Provide meetings with stakeholders of each company in the London Tech City area.
- You can prepare a foundation for overseas market entry.

3. Business Resource Design

- Understand the business structure characteristics and startup ecosystem in London by visiting major companies and support institutions in London.
- Design business resources for global expansion.

This program provides tailored support to startups planning to expand overseas and provides practical value to attendees who offer global networking and business opportunities centered around London.

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