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Global ESG Forum

2022.10.11. - 2022.10.11.

Republic of Korea, Seoul

#Global #ESG #Forum

The “2022 Global ESG Forum with SDG” was held to discuss the importance and role of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management for startups. Kickstart Asia CEO Park Hyun-kyu explained four reasons why startups should strategically utilize ESG management in his lecture at the forum.

First, he emphasized that startups can receive more investment by practicing ESG management. 95% of European funds are investing in ESG-related investments, and interest in ESG is also increasing in Korea. Investors tend to actively consider ESG to find more stable and sustainable companies.

Second, he explained that pursuing ESG management helps startups attract more talent. Recently, the MZ generation has been choosing employment by considering the value and social responsibility of companies rather than the name value of companies.

Third, he emphasized that ESG is an essential element for risk management and stable management of companies. He said that ESG can be a great help for companies to diversify risks and lead stable management by pioneering various business areas.

Finally, he emphasized that ESG is also important for brand management of startups. He gave an example that sincerity about the environment and sustainable management can increase brand awareness and give consumers a positive impression.

Through these reasons, he delivered a message that if startups actively pursue ESG management, they can benefit from investment attraction, talent recruitment, risk management, brand management, etc.

Through this forum, startups have searched for ways to focus more on ESG management to enhance sustainable growth and competitiveness in the global market.

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