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Entrepreneurship Excellent Educator Overseas Entrepreneurship Training Programme

2020.01.13. - 2020.01.18.

UK, Edinburgh & London

#Grobal #Social #Certification

We are planning to hold a UK Social Enterprise Academy program training at a global level. This program is designed to enhance the experience and educational capabilities of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The main program contents are as follows.

1. Exploration of Social Ventures

We will examine major cases of social ventures and their management strategies in Scotland, UK to understand the concept and business strategies of social ventures.

2. Understanding Social Ventures

We aim to analyze Edinburgh’s social venture ecosystem and understand the functions and related capabilities of major support institutions.

3. Practical Support for Social Ventures

Through successful social venture cases in Edinburgh, we aim to understand the factors for business success and resource acquisition strategies and reflect them in entrepreneurial education.

This program is an attention-worthy program that provides world-class experience and education to Korean entrepreneurial educators for understanding and enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystem capabilities.

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