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New Media Content Accelerating Program

2020.05. - 2020.12.

Republic of Korea, Goyang-si


We aim to discover and enhance excellent startups and businesses that are sustainable and self-sufficient in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and to cultivate professionals in the field of new media content with creative thinking.

The main program contents are as follows.

1. Capacity Enhancement Education

We provide education on start-up basics, business enhancement, content trends, etc. to enhance the capabilities of new media-related businesses. We support the acquisition of specialized skills required for sustainable business models and content production.

2. Consulting

Through analysis of each company’s preferences and vulnerable areas, we provide consulting through dedicated mentors to promote the growth of companies. We help companies operate more efficiently and develop business strategies for growth.

3. Demo Day and Production Support

We support excellent participating companies with content production support funds and various benefits. In addition, we provide an opportunity for selected companies to hold demo days to promote their content more widely.

This program helps professionals with creative thinking build sustainable businesses successfully and grow through comprehensive support for startups in the new media content field. In addition, we aim to contribute to the growth of the new media industry by creating content that meets the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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