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Civil-Government Cooperation Local Community Innovation Project Urban Regeneration Programme

2021.05.12. - 2021.05.14.

Republic of Korea Jeonju-si

#local issues #Social

We offer a program that enables young innovators to discover problems that can be solved at the local level, learn customer-based problem and solution verification, and enhance their ability to solve social missions. We aim to solve local problems based on the demands of local citizens and derive realistic solutions.

Here is an overview of the main programs:

1. Design Thinking

We use the visual thinking method started by Stanford Design School to connect various stakeholders and resources to derive practical response strategies as solutions. We enhance creative thinking and collaboration skills in problem solving and find in-depth understanding of local problems and solutions.

2. Senior Innovator Meeting

We learn various elements necessary for market entry and business strategy through successful innovator cases. You can gain inspiration for entrepreneurship and social mission resolution through the experience and know-how of seniors.

3. Project Proposal

We understand the role and importance of a proposal in the solution design process and learn about the composition and format of a proposal. We share know-how for writing project proposals and acquire clear and effective writing methods for results.

We aim to discover creative and socially responsible talents who can enhance their capabilities as young innovators and contribute to solving social problems.

We provide programs that help create a sustainable society by enhancing realistic problem-solving skills and active participation in local communities.

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