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Startup ESG Forum

2021.12.01. - 2021.12.01.

Republic of Korea, Seoul

#Startup #ESG #Forum

The “Startup ESG Forum” held in Korea was a place where many participants were interested and participated in discussing the direction of ESG (environment, social, governance) management for startups and cooperation with large companies.

At the forum, a special lecture by experts on startup ESG management was held, and a panel discussion was held on what roles institutions can play to achieve ESG realization for startups based on this.

Park Hyun-kyu, CEO of Kickstart Asia, emphasized at this forum that ESG management has already become an essential criterion for startup investment globally, such as in the United States and Europe. He also warned that even startups that do not enter the global market can fall behind in the market if they neglect ESG management.

Park Hyun-kyu also explained that if startups actively utilize the ESG management trend at an early stage, they can further increase their growth. By utilizing the ESG trend well, companies can increase their reputation and brand awareness, and the related investment market is expected to grow about four times larger within 10 years. Therefore, startups that quickly participate in ESG management are expected to greatly enhance their investment value.

Through this forum, startups have become aware of the importance and potential of ESG management and can search for directions to enhance sustainable management and competitiveness in the global market.

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