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Edtech Global Expansion

2022.11.20. - 2022.11.20.

UK, London

#Global #Accelerating

A program to expand the global market and strengthen capabilities through market learning in the UK to support overseas expansion and subsequent overseas investment attraction of edutech startups will be conducted.

The program consists of three main programs.

1. Analysis of corporate investment cases and design of investment models

- Introduce local corporate investment cases in the UK and conduct case analysis on successful strategies for corporate investment considering domestic and UK circumstances.
- Design a corporate investment model through analysis of local business cases and factor analysis for target markets by business.

2. Meeting with local support organizations

- Conduct activities such as local research and expert matching necessary for corporate investment centered on each company.
- Through a corporate investment (IR) presentation with the participation of local accelerators and investors, companies will have networking opportunities with local support organizations.

3. Mentoring
- Provide mentoring support to judge the possibility of corporate investment and establish a corporate investment strategy through local experts.
- Through mentoring, startups can concretize strategic directions for success in overseas markets.

Through this program, edutech startups will be able to establish a foothold for expanding their global market through market learning in the UK and connecting with local support organizations, and strengthen their capabilities to attract subsequent overseas investments.

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