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IX Investor Conference

2022.11.25. - 2022.11.25.

UK, London

#Global #Conference

The “IX Investor Conference,” a global investment conference, was successfully concluded with negotiations and exchanges between investment institutions and experts from major European countries held in Holborn, London.

This conference is the largest network of investment professionals in Europe, with private equity and venture capital institutions, as well as various experts participating to discuss investment, education, partnerships, and more. This year was a special year where attention was focused on venture investment and startup support, and various startup investment programs were introduced.

Kickstart Asia (CEO Park Hyun-kyu) participated for the first time as a Korean accelerator organization and received attention from local organizations by conducting discussions on domestic and foreign investment trends and venture investment partnerships with major investment institutions.

In a situation where the venture capital market centered on the United States and China is still attracting attention, the UK is focusing on regional innovation and sustainable value investment, and the startup ecosystem and investment market are becoming more active.

Park Hyun-kyu, CEO of Kickstart Asia, said that “the flow of venture investment is changing from the United States to Europe with sustainability at its core” and that “we will support our startups through cooperation with UK investment institutions and various incubating programs,” revealing plans to support the growth of startups through sustainable value investments.

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