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Ewha Master Class


Republic of Korea, Seoul

#Student #Innovator

To discover young innovators and strengthen their ability to solve social missions, we provide programs to develop social ventures, ESG, and entrepreneurship capabilities.

This program consists of three main programs:

1. Startup Trends

We analyze domestic and foreign startup trends to identify key issues at the current stage of business development and provide ways to devise business development strategies that match political, economic, social, and technological trends. You can more clearly set the necessary strategies and directions for competition in the global market.

2. Social Ventures Strategies

We learn about business success factors and securing strategies for related factors through successful domestic and overseas social venture cases, and reflect them in entrepreneurial education. We build a sustainable social venture business model by combining realistic social problem solving and entrepreneurship.

3. Business Plan Enhancement Strategy

Through the process of refining the business plan, participants will learn how to establish the resources necessary for strategic planning for commercialization and apply them to actual business operations. Analyzing market trends and competitive landscapes, they will devise effective strategies to ensure the successful growth of the business.

We aim to discover and support young and prospective entrepreneurial talents capable of creating and leading in future industrial sectors.

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