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Promising Student Startup Team Global Market Research Program

2020.06.08. - 2020.12.10.

Republic of Korea, Online Meeting

#Student #Innovator

We select pre-startup teams and conduct education to enhance basic startup capabilities according to the stage-by-stage education schedule.

Here are the main program contents:

1. Business Development

Pre-startup teams receive business model education and mentoring and proceed with the process of refining their ideas. They conduct customer development and verification by business stage to confirm business feasibility. Through this, they can secure expertise in business planning and execution.

2. Business Development

Strategy Through a workshop-style educational process, we learn how to establish resources necessary for business development strategy and how to apply them to actual businesses. We analyze market trends and competitive environments and devise effective strategies for successful business growth.

3. Prototype Production

Support Pre-startup teams go through the process of producing their ideas into prototypes. Through this, they perform feasibility and function verification of the prototype before actual business development. By producing prototypes, we help identify and improve potential problems that may arise early on and help startups proceed more efficiently in the business development process.

We aim to enhance basic startup capabilities through continuous support and mentoring for pre-startup teams and help them grow into successful startups.

We look forward to exploring new ideas and business models together and working together for sustainable and successful businesses.

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