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Global Branch Promotion Programme

2023.02.23. - 2023.02.24.

Republic of Korea, Online Meeting

#Global #Accelerating

We offer a program that verifies the marketability and business viability of startups through validation and feedback on market and business performance units to support successful entry into overseas markets.

This program consists of three main programs:

1. Export and Marketing Verification

We hold meetups with local accelerators and venture capitalists to identify the situation required for localization work in the UK. Through factor analysis of each business’s target market, we will systematically design a company localization model.

2. Technical Verification Pitching

Through a company investment (IR) presentation attended by local accelerators and investors, startups receive validation and feedback on their technical excellence and business viability. This will help evaluate the company’s investment potential and establish a successful corporate investment strategy.

3. Establishment of Overseas Branches

We provide support for corporate business registration, etc., required for startups to establish branches in the UK.

Through this program, startups will be able to build a foundation for successful global expansion and lead success in overseas markets.

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