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UNICORN Consortium Targeted Local Problem Solving Programme

2020.02.05. - 2020.02.07.

Republic of Korea, Yeongcheon-si

#local issues #Social #Certification

To solve local problems in Yeongcheon City such as population decline and population cliff problems, we are conducting a program that explores the region to identify problems and proposes solutions to solve them. We aim to discover young innovators and enhance their social mission-solving capabilities and to discover ideas that can be directly solved through advanced overseas education programs.

The main program contents are as follows.

1. Environmental Analysis

To understand various problems in the region, we want to explore the field through regional exploration to identify problems and come up with solvable ideas. You will communicate with the local community to identify the root causes of the problem and explore creative ways to solve it.

2. Idea Extraction and Enhancement

You will have time to learn from successful cases of social enterprises and innovative ideas and extract and enhance ideas for solving regional problems based on them. We aim to find creative and realistic solutions through discussions and idea sharing with various experts.

3. Business Plan

Based on the identified problems in the region and environmental analysis, we establish plans for solution proposals and business enhancement. We will work with the local community to design sustainable business models and devise effective execution plans.

This program aims to help young people demonstrate their creative abilities and help solve problems in local communities.

In addition, through this program, you can have the opportunity to learn and apply ideas for solving social problems while experiencing advanced overseas education programs.

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