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Kickstart Euroup

2023.02.20. - 2023.02.21.

Europe, Netherlands

#Global #Conference

Kickstart Europe, held in Amsterdam, is Europe’s largest digital technology conference and an important networking event for major digital companies and startups. The conference is a place where industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs share the latest technology trends and review investment cases, and is highly regarded for the announcement of new businesses by companies and startups every year.

The Kickstart Europe conference is attended by companies from all over the world, including major European countries, the United States, and China, and focuses on issues in the latest digital fields such as cloud services and data technology.

Meanwhile, Kickstart Asia (represented by Hyun-kyu Park) participated in the business and startup tracks of the Kickstart Europe conference to share and discuss the latest startup trends and incubation programs in the digital field with local accelerators. Kickstart Asia sends a delegation of executives to the European conference every year to continue its local partnership.

Hyun-kyu Park, representative partner of Kickstart Asia, said, “It is very important to check the latest industry trends in Europe and determine startup investment and nurturing strategies,” adding that “we will make a lot of effort for overseas expansion of domestic startups in the future.” Through this, it is expected that domestic startups will contribute to successful entry into global markets.

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