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University Startup World Cup

2023.03. - 2023.06.

Europe, Denmark

#Global #USWC

Kickstart Asia is the official country partner of the University Startup World Cup. The University Startup World Cup is the world’s leading conference on university entrepreneurship ecosystems, and every year, startups from famous universities around the world participate in the finals after going through national qualifiers.

Kickstart Asia is a UK and Europe-based accelerator that supports promising Korean university startups to advance to overseas stages through Korean qualifiers for the University Startup World Cup. Ajou University and other excellent startup universities have advanced through Kickstart Asia qualifiers in Korea.

Park Hyunkyu, a representative partner of Kickstart Asia, said, “The University Startup World Cup is the largest conference on university entrepreneurship ecosystems where researchers and entrepreneurs from prestigious universities around the world interact and collaborate with each other.

Kickstart Asia will work hard to help Korean university startups advance to the global stage through close cooperation with Venture Cup”

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