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Startup Fest

Startup Fest

2023.05.12 - 2023.05.12.

Startup Feast is a leading startup forum in England, where leaders from various fields such as venture capital, accelerators, incubators, and startups gather every year in major cities such as London, Manchester, Oxford, and Cambridge to share discourse on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

#Global #Conference

University Startup World Cup

University Startup World Cup

2023.03. - 2023.06.

The University Startup World Cup (USWC) is a global university student startup competition that has been held annually since 2015 by Venture Cup, a Danish startup-related institution, and was first held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Global Branch Promotion 프로그램

Global Branch Promotion Programme

2023.02.23. - 2023.02.24.

We offer a program that verifies and provides feedback on the marketability and business viability of startups to support their successful entry into overseas markets.

#Global #Accelerating

Kickstart Euroup

Kickstart Euroup

2023.02.20. - 2023.02.21.

Kickstart Europe is the largest networking conference in Europe for major digital companies and startups. It is a place where industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs share the latest technology trends and review investment cases.

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킥스타트아시아 2022_전환적혁신 스타트업 워크샵

Kickstart Asia 2022_Transformative Innovation Startup Workshop

2023.01.31. - 2023.01.31.

Kickstart Asia is an innovation hub for startups and entrepreneurs based on transformative innovation, following Kickstart Europe. It brings together experts from Korea, the UK, and Israel to share the latest technology trends and review investment cases

#Transformative Innovation #Student

영국 투자자 컨퍼런스

IX Investor Conference

2022.11.25. - 2022.11.25.

The IX Investor Conference is Europe’s largest network of investment professionals. It is a forum where private equity and venture capital firms, as well as various experts, participate to discuss investment, education, partnerships, and more. It is highly regarded for its ability to bring together a diverse group of professionals to discuss the latest trends in the industry.

#Global #Conference

에듀테크 글로벌 진출 프로그램

Edtech Global Expansion

2022.11.20. - 2022.11.20.

We can help you assess the investment potential of your business by analyzing the target market for your business based on local conditions in the UK and Korea.

#Global #Accelerating

글로벌 ESG 포럼

Global ESG Forum

2022.10.11. - 2022.10.11.

The ‘2022 Global ESG Forum with SDG’ was held with the theme of the role of science and technology in achieving SDGs.

#Global #ESG #Forum

영국 소셜 벤처 인증 과정

Social Enterprise Academy Certification

2022.02.07. - 2022.02.08.

Kookmin University - Kickstart Asia "Social Enterprise Academy Certification"

#Grobal #Social #Certification

스타트업 ESG 포럼

Startup ESG Forum

2021.12.01. - 2021.12.01.

The ‘Startup ESG Forum’ is a forum for startups to discuss the direction of ESG and cooperation with large companies.

#Startup #ESG #Forum

글로벌 멘토링 프로그램

Global Mentoring Programme

2021.09.09. - 2021.10.31.

We offer a program to enhance the competitiveness of companies and increase their investment attraction potential for overseas expansion and global market expansion.

#Global #Accelerating

영국 소셜 벤처 인증 과정

Social Enterprise Academy Certification

2021.08.30. - 2021.08.31.

We run a program to explore social problems that can be solved by the social venture model by understanding the local situation in Korea and to discover social business models through solutions to these problems.

#Grobal #Social #Certification

민관학협력 지역사회혁신프로젝트 도시재생 프로그램

Civil-Government Cooperation Local Community Innovation Project Urban Regeneration Programme

2021.05.12. - 2021.05.14.

We offer a program that enables young innovators to discover problems that can be solved at the local level, enhance their ability to solve social mission problems, and learn customer-based problem and solution validation. We conduct programs to solve local problems based on the needs of local citizens and to derive realistic solutions.

#local issues #Social

공간정보 창업기업 데모데이

Space Information Startup Demo Day

2020.10.15. - 2020.10.16.

We run a program that selects startups based on their successful market entry and high investment potential among spatial information-based startups. We also support these companies to make actual investments and connections in the market.

#Accelerating #DemoDay

University Startup World Cup 글로벌 밋업

'University Startup World Cup' Global Meetup

2020.07. - 2020.10.

The University Startup World Cup (USWC) is a global university student startup competition that has been held annually since 2015 by Venture Cup, a Danish startup-related institution, and was first held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

#Global #USWC

학생 창업유망팀 글로벌 시장 조사 프로그램

Promising Student Startup Team Global Market Research Program

2020.06.08. - 2020.12.10.

We select pre-startup teams in the startup preparation stage and provide education to enhance basic startup capabilities according to the step-by-step education schedule.

#Student #Innovator

뉴미디어 콘텐츠 액셀러레이팅 프로그램

New Media Content Accelerating Program

2020.05. - 2020.12.

We run a program to create added value by discovering excellent startups and enhancing their business through global expansion of new media content industry. The program aims to promote entrepreneurship and foster professionals by creating added value through the selection of startups with high investment potential and business enhancement.


UNICORN 협의체 대상 지역문제 해결 프로그램

UNICORN Consortium Targeted Local Problem Solving Programme

2020.02.05. - 2020.02.07.

We propose solutions to problems identified through local exploration to solve local problems such as population decline and population cliff in Yeongcheon City.

#local issues #Social #Certification

글로벌 시장 진출 지원 프로그램

Global Market Entry Support Programme

2020.01.18. - 2020.01.21.

We support business development through meetings with local companies and institutions centered around London to verify the possibility of overseas expansion and establish sustainable business relationships.

#Grobal #Social #Certification

기업가정신 우수 교육자 해외 기업가정신 연수 프로그램

Entrepreneurship Excellent Educator Overseas Entrepreneurship Training Programme

2020.01.13. - 2020.01.18.

We conduct the UK Social Enterprise Academy program to enhance the experience of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and educational capabilities through training.

#Grobal #Social #Certification

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